Guilty or Not? Wealth or Dignity?


Public allegations made with similar scenery has consumed the celebrity media, tabloids, and serious news networks. Questions have arisen. Why now? Why is it that this is the time that has been deemed appropriated to rejuvenate maybe decades old occurrences? Well after thorough research, 2014 may not have been the beginning of this atrocious accusations, 1967 might have been. Though with the nefarious influence of wealth on impoverished pockets might have dismissed several cases. How is this the case that has applied to be more dominant on the face of the press than any other be addressed? The defendant, oh dear, is “guilty until proven innocent” since all this accusations appears to be all pertained to sexual assault. Why is it hard to come up with a decision? Guilty or not guilty? Is the law actually worth some dollars, and can the heart of a woman be purchased with a few thousand dollars. Different theories can fit this situation. The supposed abused women have come to terms to depart from the psychological and emotional breakdown caused by their devastating assault. They want to feel pleased with their body as they have seen nothing but filth and disrespected body. They have come to an acceptance that there is a chance of resuscitating their self-esteem, self-confidence, peace, and love for their body. They may have come to their senses that they needed not to fear anyone who wasn’t God after the first accuser rose from sleep. They may been paid off before, but have seen an opportunity to avenge their dignity by coming out. Oh dear, oh dear, Could someone be afraid of letting what has been done in young age find them the in old age. Is the truth being told or is this an April Fool before April Fool’s Day? If it is? Please stop it, no kidding, but seriously what is your debate?


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